Sunday, January 8, 2012

For the Birds (our Arizona snow birds that is ...and anyone else interested!) ;o)

 Christmas and New Years went by in a flurry of activities, travel, and preparations for church services, but we did enjoy taking time to do a number of fun little things with the kids.  :)

We made star-shaped French toast...

 and hanging glitter stars for above the dining room table, to name a couple.

We took in two foster kitties a few months ago.  A home was found rather quickly for Aurora, but the kids love Willow so much, we don't know if we will make them part with her.  Here is "Mary" and her "baby Jesus" - aka Willow.  ;o)

We studied fossils and then...

made our own!  

Here are Seth and Haddie at Ignite's Christmas Eve Eve service - it was a wonderful night. The kids enjoyed helping "lead worship" during Angels We Have Heard on High.

 During most of December we had a break from small groups, music class, Awana, and school, so I found myself with extra energy to do some much needed organizing around the house.  Still a long way to go, but getting there...

 Ahhhhh.  Much better.

 There has been a lot of "horsing around" since Christmas!

A couple days ago we took Seth skiing for the first time.  Steve and Seth skied while Haddie and I played in the snow, read books and shared some snacks inside.  It was a beautiful day for Seth's first time on the slopes!

 He was so excited!

(I find myself with few pictures of Seth and I, so Steve took our picture during lunch break.) :o)

 Here he goes!  :o)

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